Is the keyboard unresponsive after acpidrv.psm is loaded?

Well, then your NetWare 6.5 server has probably lost track of the installed hardware, their assigned interrupts, and so forth.

If your server is accessible by RConsoleJ, do so. Make a copy of c:\nwserver\startup.ncf, and issue this command:

hdetect -MIR

Restore the original c:\nwserver\startup.ncf and reboot the server. Use this opportunity to create online backups of c:\nwserver\servcfg.*. These files change only if you add or remove hardware, or in my case experience file corruption.

If you haven’t configured RConsole, then try this:

Reboot the server the hard way. Once server.exe is giving you a chance to abort the booting, do so. Make a backup of startup.ncf. Edit startup.ncf and comment out the load line for acpidrv.psm. Start server.exe in your usual fashion. Be careful not to hit that power button. Issue the hdetect -MIR command. Restore the original startup.ncf, make an online backup of servcfg.*, and restart NetWare.

This thread got me on the right track: