Books shipped from Amazon to you

Make sure to request additional wrapping, if possible, when ordering books from Amazon. If not, your books might attack each other in transit. The result can sometimes be devastating.

Amazon US failed miserably when shipping four books last month, while their UK counterparts, around the same time, managed to wrap each of the two books I ordered, without me asking for it to happen.

BTW, I welcome Amazon’s initiative to establish local offices throughout the Nordic countries.

Parallel build of mail/thunderbird in FreeBSD?

Update 2014-08-07: r363978, dated Mon Aug 4 09:11:25 2014 UTC, solves the parallel build bug once and for all, and there’s no need for the Makefile.local as shown below.

I’ve been scratching my head over why mail/thunderbird doesn’t build in parallel when www/firefox does.

Research reveals MAKE_JOBS_SAFE was removed last August, in r324744. I can’t find a specific reason other than guessing parallel build was considered broken in FreeBSD.

So far, I’ve added a Makefile.local file in the /usr/ports/mail/thunderbird directory. The time spent compiling mail/thunderbird went from roughly 2.5 hours to merely 38 minutes on a 4 core Intel Core i7-960 running at 3.2 GHz. YMMV. Continue reading Parallel build of mail/thunderbird in FreeBSD?