UEFI, GPT, Windows 10, FreeBSD 10, and rEFInd

Over the last few days have I experimented with UEFI and GPT in VirtualBox 4.3.26. The goal was to multiboot various operating system, in this case Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview 9926 x64 and FreeBSD/amd64 stable/10.

First, I thought of persuading the UEFI firmware to always present its boot menu. It sure beats remembering to press F12 each time I want to boot a different operating system. This proved impossible for a number of reasons.

Next, I came across The rEFInd Boot Manager. After a quick glance I saw this is exactly what I want, a UEFI boot manager. Continue reading UEFI, GPT, Windows 10, FreeBSD 10, and rEFInd

iTunes leakage or email address harvest?

I received a suspicious looking email today, claiming someone had made a purchase in Russia using my iTunes ID. A trip to iTunes revealed no such purchase. Nevertheless, I changed my password again, as I suspect this false claim might be the result of an iTunes leakage or someone harvesting email address in the hope that they are being used as iTunes IDs. Continue reading iTunes leakage or email address harvest?

Fagfolk og regninger

Problemet med fagfolk er at de har tilpasset regningene sine til besparelsen.

Fra en debatt om varmepumper i Teknisk ukeblad, mars 2015.

Sitatet er tatt ut av sammenhengen, men ordene treffer bra for de tilfellene hvor sluttsummen er astronomisk, og målene skulle blant annet være besparelser og effektivitet.