Texinfo manuals on A4 paper

Add these three commands in the appropriate .texi file after @end titlepage.

@headings double
@setchapternewpage odd

The first command selects A4 paper with better margins than the @afourpaper command. The second command turns on page headers suitable for two-sided printing (duplex printing). The third command starts the next chapter on an odd page number. Continue reading Texinfo manuals on A4 paper

Replacing drives on AMANDA server

I spent some days last week converting our 32-bit AMANDA server to a 64-bit counterpart using spare but aged hardware. The former AMANDA server ran on very aged hardware in comparison. Going 64-bit also ment turning to ZFS-based storage.

Today, I replaced the two 320 GB first generation SATA drives with two 1 TB third generation SATA drives. The new drives, like their predecessors, are connected to the second generation SATA controller on the motherboard. Replacing the drives is nevertheless an improvement. Continue reading Replacing drives on AMANDA server