Assertion failure in BIND 9.10.4

Update 2016-05-29:

BIND 9.10.4-P1 is out and available as dns/bind910 as of r415882 in the FreeBSD ports tree.

Two of our name servers crashed in two different places within the Red-Black tree code of BIND 9.10.4:

general: rbt.c:2765: INSIST(sibling != ((void *)0)) failed, back trace
#0 0x1880b in ??
general: exiting (due to assertion failure)
general: rbt.c:2726: INSIST(sibling != ((void *)0)) failed, back trace
general: #0 0x0 in ??
general: exiting (due to assertion failure)

A new version of BIND is in the works. Stay patient, or switch back to 9.10.3-P4.

FreeBSD users can revert their ports tree back to r414265, duplicate /usr/ports/dns/bind910 as /usr/ports/dns/bind9103P4, rush the ports tree towards the present, and change the origin for BIND from dns/bind910 to dns/bind9103P4, e.g. portupgrade -fpvo dns/bind9103P4 dns/bind910. Don’t forget to restart BIND, and change the origin once more when the successor of 9.10.4 is available.

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