Using QoS for blocking BitTorrent on Catalyst 4500E Sup8E

NBAR2 on Sup8E can assist in blocking BitTorrent. While somewhat useful, BitTorrent is mostly used for downloading pirated movies, and BitTorrent off someone’s ADSL line is usually dead slow.

Create a class map and a policy map as shown below, and attach that policy map to your ingress interfaces, and BitTorrent should be blocked.

class-map match-all QoS-Cls-BitTorrent
 match application bittorrent

policy-map QoS-Pol-BitTorrent
 class QoS-Cls-BitTorrent

interface range TenGigabitEthernet1/1 - 4
 service-policy input QoS-Pol-BitTorrent

The final questions are: Does this work at all? Is FNF needed for engaging NBAR2? Are additional licensing needed beyond the current IP Base license?

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