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Autodesk Vault Professional 2017 and Autodesk Network License Manager

I was installing Autodesk Vault Professional 2017 in the wee hours today, and I noticed the Autodesk Network License Manager was installed in C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager. That’s a bit strange when C:\Autodesk has until now been a temporary location for extracting the setup files.

I can confirm moving the files to a saner location like C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autodesk Network License Manager doesn’t work at all. The NLM simply won’t start and nothing gets logged.

It gets even stranger as one of the LMTOOLS shortcuts wants to run lmtools.exe from the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autodesk Network License Manager directory, i.e. the old location. Note, this was done on a newly installed Windows Server.

In short: Be very careful when emptying the C:\Autodesk directory.

Assertion failure in BIND 9.10.4

Update 2016-05-29:

BIND 9.10.4-P1 is out and available as dns/bind910 as of r415882 in the FreeBSD ports tree.

Two of our name servers crashed in two different places within the Red-Black tree code of BIND 9.10.4:

general: rbt.c:2765: INSIST(sibling != ((void *)0)) failed, back trace
#0 0x1880b in ??
general: exiting (due to assertion failure)
general: rbt.c:2726: INSIST(sibling != ((void *)0)) failed, back trace
general: #0 0x0 in ??
general: exiting (due to assertion failure)

A new version of BIND is in the works. Stay patient, or switch back to 9.10.3-P4.

FreeBSD users can revert their ports tree back to r414265, duplicate /usr/ports/dns/bind910 as /usr/ports/dns/bind9103P4, rush the ports tree towards the present, and change the origin for BIND from dns/bind910 to dns/bind9103P4, e.g. portupgrade -fpvo dns/bind9103P4 dns/bind910. Don’t forget to restart BIND, and change the origin once more when the successor of 9.10.4 is available.