Star Trek Online and InstallLocation

I keep Star Trek Online installed in two separate directories. One of the copies is simply a backup which I update but never play, while the other is for playing.

Keeping these two copies updated got a bit messy after the STO launcher began recording the InstallLocation in the Windows registry.

Subsequently, I have to remove this value from the registry prior to launching the game from another location.

@echo off
reg delete "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cryptic\Star Trek Online" /v "InstallLocation" /f

Preparation for Star Trek Online 11.5 gone wrong?

I ran the stand alone launcher for Star Trek Online tonight. It wanted to patch 103 MB, a download of roughly half that size. That was a bit surprising as the last maintenance was done late last week and no new maintenance has been announced. I clicked on the Engage button and nothing happened. I ran the stand alone launcher again. This time it wanted to patch 9863 MB, which amounts to a download of nearly 7 GB, as measured at work. If you don’t play the game but simply close the launcher, then the whole download dance repeats when you run the launcher. If you do play the game, then I would not be surprised if the download cycle repeats the next time you run the launcher.

No Star Trek Online for me tonight, but rather “Star Trek Offline”. Better luck tomorrow, I hope.

Star Trek Online, Season 10, The Iconian War

A couple of postings ago, I complained a lot about the endless patch cycle when starting and quitting Star Trek Online over the last few weeks. With today’s release, Season 10, The Iconian War, all that hassle is gone, completely.

However, I’m still of the opinion that the continous pre- and post-patching of the game’s files prior to launching a new season is counterproductive and wastes precious user bandwith. Why not add an option to the STO Launcher giving the user the choice between staying ahead of future changes and patching only what’s necessary to play the current game? While you’re at it, why not add to the STO Launcher a brief description of what’s being patched, while it’s being patched, and why?

To much appreciation, the previous Sector Blocks are replaced with Quadrant Blocks. In other words, you can travel directly from Federation space to Klingon space or to Romulan space in one go. The quantum slipstream drive is quite handy. I noticed some new sectors has appeared in “the south” of the galaxy map.

If you’re into Star Trek and haven’t tried Star Trek Online, then you probably should.

Endless patch cycle in Star Trek Online

Since last night the Star Trek Online launcher has swung between patching 3808 KB, and patching 3034 MB, and in the latter case, the launcher stops when reaching about 1330 KB. It all began after patching the initial ~3 GB earlier last night. Endless patch cycles such as this one, was one of the reasons I left the game 5 years ago. A workaround can be found at the end of this posting. Continue reading Endless patch cycle in Star Trek Online