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ZFS vs Btrfs

I came across this post comparing ZFS to Btrfs. The post is undated and that makes it a bit hard to verify the claims against Btrfs. Although I’m partial towards ZFS, I hope Btrfs catches up. Meanwhile, maybe I should check out Btrfs for myself.

Update 2013-12-05:

Someone named “sasfater” wrote me an email today hinting the above posting could be dated 2013-06-25T23:17:23-04:00, if you believe the associated metadata

<meta content="2013-06-25T23:17:23-04:00" name="" />

Thanks “sasfater”.

Moving ZFS datasets around eases the transition from CVSup to Subversion

I upgraded some of my virtual machines during my summer holiday. They are all running ZFS, but were neglected for so long that they were still updating their source and ports trees using CVSup. I began pondering how to migrate to Subversion with the least fuzz possible. Luckily, I had anticipated the switch to Subversion, and all my VM’s had a fairly recent version of Subversion already installed. Continue reading Moving ZFS datasets around eases the transition from CVSup to Subversion

Alternative ZFS layout

I’ve been experimenting with FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT and an alternative ZFS layout for more than a year. The idea is to have a simple way of switching between boot environments. Thus, you have the opportunity of reverting to a previous boot environment without resorting to snapshots and rollbacks as you would with a sole boot environment. At the same time we avoid using the immediate top-level ZFS filesystem. Continue reading Alternative ZFS layout

ZFS on NetBSD/amd64 6.0.1

My endeavour with ZFS on NetBSD/amd64 6.0.1 in late February and early March 2013 hasn’t been very positive. The kernel panics every now and then, even during the simplest of operations such as creating a new directory on a ZFS filesystem. The system was installed using UFS for the root filesystem, and the system was rock solid all along until I set up two additional hard drives and a modest mirrored zpool. Maybe the hassle’s due to the fact I use VirtualBox and not real hardware. Besides NetBSD/amd64 seems a bit sluggish when run in VirtualBox, at least compared to FreeBSD/amd64. Continue reading ZFS on NetBSD/amd64 6.0.1

Making your own FreeBSD Subversion repository mirror

Not long ago it was announced that the FreeBSD ports tree will cease exporting its Subversion repository to CVS, and subsequently any use of CVSup for updating the ports tree will be discontinued by February 28th 2013.

FreeBSD’s main source tree repository has been served by Subversion since late May 2008 with every commit done in the Subversion repository being exported to the old CVS repository, but no date has been announced when that Subversion to CVS transfer will be shut down. Stay tuned for more information.

Nonetheless, this is a Good Time™ to begin the transition from CVSup to Subversion once and for all. And why not set up your own FreeBSD Subversion repository mirror for both the main source tree and the ports tree well ahead of the transition? Continue reading Making your own FreeBSD Subversion repository mirror