I bought the ebook edition of FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS this June. While the authors’ intentions are good, the 2015-05-21 edition has some errors and mistakes. The table below is nothing more than an unofficial errata of said book. Beware, what you find below might be due to my lack of understanding FreeBSD, ZFS, or the […]

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Creating new BE’s using snapshots and clones can get messy with dependencies all over the place. I had an epiphany the other day, why not create a snapshot on the current dataset, send that snapshot to a new dataset within the same zpool (or elsewhere), and subsequently destroy the (two!) snapshots? Instant transfer of data, […]

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I had a FreeBSD setup I wanted to replicate to another, identical computer. The source system runs ZFS and so should the receiving system. A recursive snapshot in combination with the zfs send and zfs receive commands proved most fruitful.

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I came across this post comparing ZFS to Btrfs. The post is undated and that makes it a bit hard to verify the claims against Btrfs. Although I’m partial towards ZFS, I hope Btrfs catches up. Meanwhile, maybe I should check out Btrfs for myself. Update 2013-12-05: Someone named “sasfater” wrote me an email today […]

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I upgraded some of my virtual machines during my summer holiday. They are all running ZFS, but were neglected for so long that they were still updating their source and ports trees using CVSup. I began pondering how to migrate to Subversion with the least fuzz possible. Luckily, I had anticipated the switch to Subversion, […]

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I’ve been experimenting with FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT and an alternative ZFS layout for more than a year. The idea is to have a simple way of switching between boot environments. Thus, you have the opportunity of reverting to a previous boot environment without resorting to snapshots and rollbacks as you would with a sole boot environment. […]

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