Are you missing the down-arrow on the right hand side of the URL address field in Opera? That handy piece of GUI element makes it easy to remove entries from the URL history.

According to this forum post, you can enable the down-arrow by visiting opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowDropdownButtonInAddressfield.

Simply check the checkbox, hit the Save button, and ignore the message about some changes will only take place after Opera is restarted. This particular change was instantaneous in Opera 12.16, as observed by myself today.

Finally I’m able to trim my URL history without erasing the entire collection of URLs. It would be nice if we could also edit each entry in the URL history, but maybe I’m asking too much.

I wholeheartedly agree with “cellist” who stated:

… configuring Opera is becoming ridiculous … too many features hidden by too many methods of setting them.