A student’s Toshiba Satellite laptop equipped with Windows 8 and Secure Boot refused to shut down by simply pressing the power button. The solution is to hold down the Fn button prior to holding down the power button. Keep both buttons depressed until you hear the laptop actually shutting down. Boy, do I love Secure […]

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I tried to convince named from dns/bind99, as of r333563, to start automatically at (re)boot on stable/10 and head. My /etc/rc.conf file contains lines like these: named_enable=”YES” named_program=”/usr/local/sbin/named” named_wait=”YES” named_wait_host=”localhost” named_auto_forward=”YES” named_auto_forward_only=”YES” Eventually, I resolved the matter using the following patch: The tabs are missing, so you better apply this patch by hand. It’s not […]

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