I too was bitten by the portupgrade uninstall error, due to broken pipes, on my laptop running FreeBSD/amd64 stable/10. Others have identified the file 5.26 utility as the culprit, introduced in stable/10 as r298920. Watch PR 209211 for any progress. base/head was corrected at r299234, and stable/10 will follow soon.

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All FreeBSD systems under my care got upgraded last Friday to fix some NTP bugs. That upgrade introduced a new bug in the kernel. The bug first appeared at r298004 in base/head, and later at r298134 in base/stable/10. The i386-based systems were more notably affected than the amd64-based systems, as the former typically has less […]

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I spent some days last week converting our 32-bit AMANDA server to a 64-bit counterpart using spare but aged hardware. The former AMANDA server ran on very aged hardware in comparison. Going 64-bit also ment turning to ZFS-based storage. Today, I replaced the two 320 GB first generation SATA drives with two 1 TB third […]

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The strange combination of FreeBSD/i386, stable/10, OpenSSL from ports, optimized assembly code, Dell PowerEdge 1950, Intel Xeon X5450@3.00GHz, and BIOS 2.5.0, resulted in core dumps for all applications linked with OpenSSL from ports.

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I have (successfully) attempted to migrate a running i386 stable/9 system into a running amd64 stable/9 system, and attempted to migrate a running i386 stable/10 system into a running amd64 stable/10 system, only to see if these tasks are in fact feasible. The results speaks for themselves, given the boundary conditions outlined below. If your […]

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On my FreeBSD/i386 stable/10 and head VMs I have set up clang as the system compiler. I have also set CPUTYPE to corei7 as this is accepted by clang and pretty much describes the capabilities of the host system.

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None of the below is relevant as of 2014-06-06, other than the possible need of reverting sys/dev/pci/pci.c. I have confirmed that FreeBSD/i386 stable/8 r267147 works as expected on Dell OptiPlex GX260. If you happen to run FreeBSD/i386 stable/8 on older Dell desktop PCs, like an OptiPlex GX260, you might want to back out r262226 prior […]

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Jeg børstet støvet av noen tilårskomne filer forleden dag. Jeg fant et lite program som jeg skrev en gang i 2000. Programmet teller ned til slutten av Unix-epoken. Den opprinnelige definisjonen av datatypen time_t, 32-bit heltall med fortegn, vil få overflyt i midten av januar 2038. Moderne 64-bit OS som FreeBSD/amd64 9.0 har for lengst […]

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