devel/gettext, as of version 0.19.3, has been split into three ports: devel/gettext, the meta-port depending the two next ports; devel/gettext-runtime, the runtime libraries; and devel/gettext-tools, the tools for managing the message catalogs. In my case, as I build my own ports, making the transition required manual intervention using both portupgrade and the ports collection tree:

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If AutoCAD 2015 refuse to install, try to uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable, both 32-bit and 64-bit, and try to reinstall AutoCAD 2015. In one instance was it necessary to uncheck Autodesk ReCap. I really wish there was a simple way to mark only the essential parts necessary for the creation of simple drawings. […]

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At work we received a Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT 2000 network analyzer this week. The report generator in the Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT Manager v1.0.9.8 contains a minor flaw. IPv6 tests performed are never marked as such in print. I created a “Support incident”, and hopefully Fluke will acknowledge the fault, correct it, and issue […]

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Sometimes McAfee products causes more grief than joy. For some mysterious reason, some, if not all, McAfee products interfer with the handling of VBScript as they register their own .dll file for handling VBScript. Not all attempts at manually correcting the Windows Registry prove successful. In most cases McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool are able […]

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Av og til kan man lure på om programmerere noen gang gjør fullstendig testing av programmene sine. PC|SCHEMATIC Automation trenger en real gjennomgang. Blir ikke PC|SCHEMATIC Automation avsluttet skikkelig, så blir *.$pr-filer liggende i katalogen til programmet. Dette blir oppdaget neste gang PC|SCHEMATIC Automation starter opp, og da starter en evigvarende runddans mellom å velge […]

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Update 2014-11-30 Upgrading to Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.20 removed the timeout messages shown below. The bug was acknowledged in the change log as Storage: fixed an interrupt acknowledge issue causing hanging guests or slower I/O (4.3.18 regression) Since upgrading Oracle VirtualBox from 4.3.16 to 4.3.18 on my Windows 7 x64 host, most of my FreeBSD guests […]

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