Two Ricoh MP C5502’s exhibited the same symptoms, they were both stuck at updating their @remote certificates. If you have this problem, you’ll notice a message in the bottom left corner of the screen on the MFPs. The MFPs were fully functional, but nevertheless I wanted to get @remote up and running again.

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Strangely enough, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) fails to register javaws.exe as the handler for .jnlp files when installed in Windows 8/8.1. Just remember to choose javaws.exe, not java.exe nor javaw.exe. Further more, Blackboard Collaborate insists on using 64-bit JRE on 64-bit Windows, i.e. visit the directories and files usually found in C:\Program Files\Java, not the ones […]

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I tried to install some construction estimation software requiring MS SQL Server 2008 on a computer running Windows 8 only to encounter an unusual anomaly. MS SQL Server 2008 refused to install due to corrupted performance counters. The error message was kind enough to mention, but you should really go and visit

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A Dell Latitude E6430 had Windows 7 reinstalled this August, and the firmware was upgraded along to revision A15. Somehow the firmware setting for Optimus video got disabled and I regrettably missed the change. Today, while upgrading the firmware to revision A16, I spotted the disabled Optimus video setting. Thus, I enabled the setting, and […]

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