It’s winter break, giving me time to bring systems down for their much needed maintenance. One of my tasks was to upgrade our XenServers. They’re not joined to the same pool for historical reasons. One of them is close to 8 years old, the other one is fairly new. For the first server I chose […]

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Download the required updates. Extract the XS*.xsupdate files. Transfer the XS*.xsupdate files to, say, /tmp/xsup on the master. Login on the XenServer console. Delete old log files in /var/log, e.g. /bin/rm /var/log/*.gz. Create if necessary, and change directory to /tmp/xsup. Run: Run: Delete the XS*.xsupdate files from /tmp/xsup. Shutdown the running VMs and restart each […]

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See and [R]emove [the] DVD device from [the] problem[atic] virtual machine: # xe vm-list params=uuid name-label=”<your-vm-name>” # xe vbd-list empty=true params=uuid vm-uuid=<your-vm-UUID> # xe vbd-destroy uuid=<vbd-UUID> I can confirm the above steps really makes a FreeBSD stable/9 amd64 XENHVM kernel tick on XenServer 6.2.0. stable/10 and head works out of the box without […]

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