… FreeBSD gives you the ability to make a choice how you want your boot prompt, splash screen, X login, desktop environment and applications. This, in my opinion, makes it very professional compared to systems that force a given set of settings upon the user, and there is no way to make a different choice. […]

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A few days ago I wrote a program that writes its reversed input to output. Here’s an UTF-8 version of that program. Beware, this program is not non-UTF-8 safe. Have fun. On second thoughts, maybe the source file should be named 8-ftu-esrever.c.

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Configuring X11 is more or less a dark art, and you must almost be a wizard of the Slytherine House to get modern X.org 1.14.7 working on a FreeBSD guest in VirtualBox. Nonetheless, through lots of experimentation this evening, have I finally arrived at this configuration file: Somehow, you need both the InputClass and the […]

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Today at work, we received an ATEN/ALTUSEN KN2132 KVM switch. Unlike our previous KVM switch, this model has IPv6 capability. Sadly, version 1.8.174 of the firmware contains an annoying bug. If you want to use SLAAC, then the firmware neglects to invert the universal/local bit while transforming the MAC-48 address to a modified EUI-64 format […]

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