Here’s a writeup of how I managed to persuade Subversion‘s svnserve running on FreeBSD to authenticate using SASL, Cyrus’ saslauthd, and LDAP on Novell eDirectory.

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I upgraded Subversion 1.8.1 to 1.8.5 on some non-critical FreeBSD servers the other day. Normally I would run this command: portupgrade -fprv devel/subversion I noticed www/serf also needed updating, so this time I ran a command like: portupgrade -fprv www/serf

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I upgraded some of my virtual machines during my summer holiday. They are all running ZFS, but were neglected for so long that they were still updating their source and ports trees using CVSup. I began pondering how to migrate to Subversion with the least fuzz possible. Luckily, I had anticipated the switch to Subversion, […]

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Not long ago it was announced that the FreeBSD ports tree will cease exporting its Subversion repository to CVS, and subsequently any use of CVSup for updating the ports tree will be discontinued by February 28th 2013. FreeBSD’s main source tree repository has been served by Subversion since late May 2008 with every commit done […]

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