For those of us subscribed to the freebsd-mobile mailling list, some of the more recent postings are both alarming and hilarious, at the expense of George Neville-Neil, a well-known name in the circles of ACM and FreeBSD. See, in received order, messages 1, 2, 3, and 4. I’m sure more will follow. LinkedIn will hopefully […]

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I have (successfully) attempted to migrate a running i386 stable/9 system into a running amd64 stable/9 system, and attempted to migrate a running i386 stable/10 system into a running amd64 stable/10 system, only to see if these tasks are in fact feasible. The results speaks for themselves, given the boundary conditions outlined below. If your […]

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Update 2015-01-23 Order has once again been restored. I have successfully upgraded 8.4-RELEASE (r251259) to stable/8 r277528, and further to stable/9 r277528, and finally to stable/10 r277559. Update 2015-01-14 Work is underway enabling latest stable/8 to go directly to latest stable/9. All my FreeBSD systems have run stable/something-something, compiled from source, for as long as […]

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The removal of BIND from base in stable/10 left us with the option of running BIND from ports either in a jail, or as an ordinary service. The old BIND in base was able to run in a chroot environment, isolated from the rest of the system. Some of us believe a chroot is a […]

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