I too was bitten by the portupgrade uninstall error, due to broken pipes, on my laptop running FreeBSD/amd64 stable/10. Others have identified the file 5.26 utility as the culprit, introduced in stable/10 as r298920. Watch PR 209211 for any progress. base/head was corrected at r299234, and stable/10 will follow soon.

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When upgrading from one major version of FreeBSD to another, in my case from FreeBSD/amd64 stable/9 to FreeBSD/amd64 stable/10, it’s customary to upgrade the installed ports afterwards, beginning with ports-mgmt/pkg. I forcefully upgraded all installed ports using portupgrade -afpv, but the upgrade of lang/ruby21 failed miserably. I removed all traces of Ruby 2.1, i.e. ports-mgmt/portupgrade […]

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The 20150220 entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING contains no instructions for upgrading lang/php5 to lang/php56, at least not for us compiling our own ports. I learned the hard way using portupgrade what needs to be done. I have summarised my steps into the script below. Use the script as a guide, and if you do run my […]

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I have (successfully) attempted to migrate a running i386 stable/9 system into a running amd64 stable/9 system, and attempted to migrate a running i386 stable/10 system into a running amd64 stable/10 system, only to see if these tasks are in fact feasible. The results speaks for themselves, given the boundary conditions outlined below. If your […]

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Update 2015-01-23 Order has once again been restored. I have successfully upgraded 8.4-RELEASE (r251259) to stable/8 r277528, and further to stable/9 r277528, and finally to stable/10 r277559. Update 2015-01-14 Work is underway enabling latest stable/8 to go directly to latest stable/9. All my FreeBSD systems have run stable/something-something, compiled from source, for as long as […]

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The 20141214 entry in ports/head/UPDATING says: 20141214: AFFECTS: users of TeXLive AUTHOR: hrs@FreeBSD.org Several scripts in print/texlive-base have been moved to devel/tex-kpathsea. Upgrading them can fail because texlive-base depends on tex-kpathsea, and the new ex-kpathsea tries to install files which were installed by the old texlive-base. The following error message indicates this situation: pkg-static: tex-kpathsea-6.2.0_1 […]

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devel/gettext, as of version 0.19.3, has been split into three ports: devel/gettext, the meta-port depending the two next ports; devel/gettext-runtime, the runtime libraries; and devel/gettext-tools, the tools for managing the message catalogs. In my case, as I build my own ports, making the transition required manual intervention using both portupgrade and the ports collection tree:

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