I grew tired of handholding portupgrade because of the latter’s inability to handle new dependencies. The script below is the result of my frustration. The script is available for downloading at http://ximalas.info/~trond/create-zfs/canmount/upgrade-outdated-ports.sh.

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I upgraded Subversion 1.8.1 to 1.8.5 on some non-critical FreeBSD servers the other day. Normally I would run this command: portupgrade -fprv devel/subversion I noticed www/serf also needed updating, so this time I ran a command like: portupgrade -fprv www/serf

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Today, I decided to upgrade PostgreSQL from 9.1.5 to 9.2.0 on one of my computers. Ironically, PostgreSQL 9.2.1 was released today, but until the FreeBSD ports hierarchy catches up, the most recent version available is 9.2.0, unless of course you want to do everything yourself.

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When moving from one major FreeBSD branch to another, you are almost compelled to upgrade all of your installed FreeBSD ports. If you move from the RELENG_7 branch to RELENG_8, as an example, the old pty interface is deprecated, and ports such as screen (sysutils/screen) must be recompiled and reinstalled to take advantage of the […]

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