I ran the stand alone launcher for Star Trek Online tonight. It wanted to patch 103 MB, a download of roughly half that size. That was a bit surprising as the last maintenance was done late last week and no new maintenance has been announced. I clicked on the Engage button and nothing happened. I ran […]

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A couple of postings ago, I complained a lot about the endless patch cycle when starting and quitting Star Trek Online over the last few weeks. With today’s release, Season 10, The Iconian War, all that hassle is gone, completely. However, I’m still of the opinion that the continous pre- and post-patching of the game’s […]

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Since last night the Star Trek Online launcher has swung between patching 3808 KB, and patching 3034 MB, and in the latter case, the launcher stops when reaching about 1330 KB. It all began after patching the initial ~3 GB earlier last night. Endless patch cycles such as this one, was one of the reasons I left the game […]

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