There are enemies out there and they’ve made us so paranoid that we’re willing to risk making enemies of our allies. From:

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If you’re curious to find out how all your installed ports depend upon each other, you might want to run this neat, little script saving its output to a file, and install graphics/graphviz.

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Make sure to request additional wrapping, if possible, when ordering books from Amazon. If not, your books might attack each other in transit. The result can sometimes be devastating. Amazon US failed miserably when shipping four books last month, while their UK counterparts, around the same time, managed to wrap each of the two books […]

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Update 2014-08-07: r363978, dated Mon Aug 4 09:11:25 2014 UTC, solves the parallel build bug once and for all, and there’s no need for the Makefile.local as shown below. I’ve been scratching my head over why mail/thunderbird doesn’t build in parallel when www/firefox does. Research reveals MAKE_JOBS_SAFE was removed last August, in r324744. I can’t […]

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