When the harddrives in the oldest virtualization server at $WORK died, I was virtually left without any test systems running the other BSDs and some select Linux distros. We have another virtualization server with plenty of resources, and I decided to try NetBSD/amd64 10.0-RELEASE, build a few packages, and upgrade the VM to 10.0-STABLE.

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FreeBSD gives the user an option of installing the file /usr/local/etc/screenrc with some sensible defaults along with GNU Screen, aka sysutils/screen. Among the defaults are a format string for the hardstatus line. It shows the date using yy/dd/mm notation and the time as a 12 hour clock. That may be fine in the English speaking […]

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devel/gettext, as of version 0.19.3, has been split into three ports: devel/gettext, the meta-port depending the two next ports; devel/gettext-runtime, the runtime libraries; and devel/gettext-tools, the tools for managing the message catalogs. In my case, as I build my own ports, making the transition required manual intervention using both portupgrade and the ports collection tree:

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On my FreeBSD/i386 stable/10 and head VMs I have set up clang as the system compiler. I have also set CPUTYPE to corei7 as this is accepted by clang and pretty much describes the capabilities of the host system.

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