On my FreeBSD/i386 stable/10 and head VMs I have set up clang as the system compiler. I have also set CPUTYPE to corei7 as this is accepted by clang and pretty much describes the capabilities of the host system.

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I filled out a feedback form on the web only to realise what a terrible job the web programmers had done. After I clicked on the submit button, the webserver was kind enough to send a copy of my complaint to my email address. The sad thing is that the email address I’d entered in […]

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IT i Norge er synonymt med .NET eller Java, og prøver du å hinte til Unix, så ser de på deg som et spørsmålstegn og lurer på hvilken planet du er fra. Noe omskrevet fra: http://www.tu.no/it/2014/06/04/kontraktene-renner-inn-for-it-norge-men-naringen-mangler-20.000-hoder.

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