Commit 0b7f1af804f06a285717b490bef80e24648adcbe for src/main and commit 6e1fe6d26ea2939656c8286ccbd105a89d3349a3 for src/stable/13 bumped the version number for gnu/lib/libdialog from 8 to 9. Software such as ports-mgmt/dialog4ports complain when run, but make config doesn’t care when dialog4ports is being run around in the ports tree.

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sources\install.wim in recent releases of Windows 10 has exceeded FAT32’s maximum filesize of 4 GiB. If you only boot UEFI systems and you want to use memory sticks for better performance while installing, you must split sources\install.wim into smaller files. Luckily, the dism command can do this for you.

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