… FreeBSD gives you the ability to make a choice how you want your boot prompt, splash screen, X login, desktop environment and applications. This, in my opinion, makes it very professional compared to systems that force a given set of settings upon the user, and there is no way to make a different choice. […]

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Configuring X11 is more or less a dark art, and you must almost be a wizard of the Slytherine House to get modern X.org 1.14.7 working on a FreeBSD guest in VirtualBox. Nonetheless, through lots of experimentation this evening, have I finally arrived at this configuration file: Somehow, you need both the InputClass and the […]

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I have a bunch of FreeBSD VMs running in VirtualBox. They all share a number of virtual harddrives, and among them are a virtual harddrive with the common contents of /var/db/ports. My ports configuration of emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions have the OPENGL and X11 options set. This is useless on some of my simpler VMs, as those VMs […]

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I’m probably not paying enough attention to new developments in FreeBSD after all. After updating the installed ports in my VMs running base/head and base/stable/10, X11 stopped working. It turns out the new version of X.org requires KMS and what not in the kernel. This doesn’t fare well with VMs running inside VirtualBox. The solution? […]

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