I noticed the weekdays was missing from xclock‘s digital display when run in FreeBSD base/head aka 11.0-ALPHA6. FreeBSD stable/10 doesn’t have this problem.

It’s all down to the definition of the format specifier %c used by strftime(3) in base/head and in stable/10.

In base/head, %c, is defined for the locales nb_NO.ISO8859-15 and nb_NO.UTF-8 without the weekdays:

# c_fmt
%e. %B %Y kl. %H.%M.%S

As a contrast, stable/10 keeps the weekdays for both nb_NO.ISO8859-1 and nb_NO.UTF-8:

# c_fmt
%a %e %b %X %Y

Order was restored to my own taste by adding
-strftime "%A %d. %B %Y %H:%M:%S" when launching xclock.

IOW, this is how I launch xclock from my .xinitrc and .xsession files (yes, they are hard linked):

xclock -geometry 270x33-0+0 -update 1 -digital -strftime "%A %d. %B %Y %H:%M:%S" &

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