Commit 0b7f1af804f06a285717b490bef80e24648adcbe for src/main and commit 6e1fe6d26ea2939656c8286ccbd105a89d3349a3 for src/stable/13 bumped the version number for gnu/lib/libdialog from 8 to 9. Software such as ports-mgmt/dialog4ports complain when run, but make config doesn’t care when dialog4ports is being run around in the ports tree.

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I recently discovered Starship cross-shell prompt, available in the FreeBSD ports collections as shells/starship. Since there’s no dedicated module for handling Subversion working copies, I added three custom modules to my configuration file. This way I can see the global and the local revision numbers, and a summary of the status flags of the files […]

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