I need to remind myself of running the IPP webpage in compatiblity mode in IE11 when installing printers. Even if you specify ipp.FQDN, IE11 will kindly enter your FQDN into the list of domain names to show in compatibility mode. Remember to remove FQDN from that list when you’re done. iPrint client 5.99 seems to […]

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While trying to log in on our Novell servers using Client for OES 2 SP4 IR7a on Windows 10 1709, I was greeted with: A required network service has not started. Please check your error log for details. The third reply of this post gave me a clue, simply run setup.exe one more time and […]

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Here’s a writeup of how I managed to persuade Subversion‘s svnserve running on FreeBSD to authenticate using SASL, Cyrus’ saslauthd, and LDAP on Novell eDirectory.

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