dns/bind910 gained native chroot support in r382109. Those of us who used to store the BIND files in /var/named/etc/namedb and ran BIND with /var/named as the chroot environment, must do five things: Rename the /var/named directory to something else, like /var/Named. This is to avoid upsetting make -C /usr/src delete-old and still retain the meaning […]

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The removal of BIND from base in stable/10 left us with the option of running BIND from ports either in a jail, or as an ordinary service. The old BIND in base was able to run in a chroot environment, isolated from the rest of the system. Some of us believe a chroot is a […]

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I tried to convince named from dns/bind99, as of r333563, to start automatically at (re)boot on stable/10 and head. My /etc/rc.conf file contains lines like these: named_enable=”YES” named_program=”/usr/local/sbin/named” named_wait=”YES” named_wait_host=”localhost” named_auto_forward=”YES” named_auto_forward_only=”YES” Eventually, I resolved the matter using the following patch: The tabs are missing, so you better apply this patch by hand. It’s not […]

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