mosh 1.2.5 is out, but not yet available as a CygWin package. I decided I should upgrade my CygWin installation in preparation. That proved not so fruitful. The new mintty 2.1.1 crashed with the infamous STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION stack dump. I’m a bit surprised there’s no mintty-debuginfo package as it would make it easier to know what’s […]

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Microsoft is pretty sneaky. They camouflage their Windows 10 downloader, KB3035583, as a recommended Windows 7 update with no indication of what good this update does. Only by clicking on the first link is its true intention revealed. As a contrast, the dreaded KB976002 browser choice update was well marked with its intention even in […]

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As implied by email protocols, the information in this message is not confidential. Any middle-man or recipient may inspect, modify, copy, forward, reply to, delete, or filter email for any purpose unless said parties are otherwise obligated. As the sender, I acknowledge that I have a lower expectation of the control and privacy of this […]

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