Revision 392534 of the FreeBSD ports tree added TeX Live 2015. In the process, print/texlive-infra was replaced with print/texlive-tlmgr.

If you already have TeX Live 2014 installed, e.g. print/texlive-full, then print/texlive-base conflicts with print/texlive-texmf and vice versa.

Resolving the conflict and upgrading the affected ports is as follows:

# Configure any new options or any new dependencies:
make -C /usr/ports/print/texlive-full config-recursive

# Forcefully upgrade print/texlive-infra to print/texlive-tlmgr:
portupgrade -fpvo print/texlive-tlmgr print/texlive-infra

# Forcefully add the new dependencies:
portupgrade -Nfprv `make -C /usr/ports/print/texlive-full missing`

# Forcefully upgrade all ports whose name starts with tex- and ja-tex-:
portupgrade -fprv tex-\* ja-tex-\*

# Forcefully upgrade all ports and their dependencies, beginning with print/texlive-texmf:
portupgrade -fprv print/texlive-texmf

If you have print/ghostscript9 installed with the option X11 turned off, then print/ghostscript9 will be registered as print/ghostscript9-nox11. This will cause ports such as print/auctex and print/texlive-base to try and install print/ghostscript9.

You must turn on at least the X11 and the GS_x11 options, and reinstall print/ghostscript9, e.g. portupgrade -fprv print/ghostscript9.

Afterwards, if needed, you should attempt to upgrade anything that choked on the presence of print/ghostscript9-nox11, e.g. portupgrade -fprv print/texlive-base.

Adding print_ghostscript9_UNSET=X11 nor OPTIONS_UNSET=X11 to /etc/make.conf has any effect.

For some systems any X11 dependencies are completely unwarranted, so maybe OPTIONS_UNSET=X11 should have been placed in /etc/make.conf from early on.