My advice is to switch careers from programming to ditch digging (where at least at the end of the day you will know you did something). From: George V. Neville-Neil. 2014. This is the foo field. Commun. ACM 57, 4 (April 2014), 30-31. DOI=10.1145/2580942

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I grew tired of handholding portupgrade because of the latter’s inability to handle new dependencies. The script below is the result of my frustration. The script is available for downloading at

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Tja, ungene lærer nok ofte å bli forbrukere av digital teknologi, heller enn å mestre den. Se bare på hva digitale analfabeter velger: Apple. Fordi det er enkelt å forstå. Fra:

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While pondering why darkstat all of a sudden shows corrupted timestamps when running on FreeBSD/amd64 stable/9, I wrote a small program to decode the export format. The program is available using svn co svn:// or The license is the 2-clause BSD license.

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I’m probably not paying enough attention to new developments in FreeBSD after all. After updating the installed ports in my VMs running base/head and base/stable/10, X11 stopped working. It turns out the new version of requires KMS and what not in the kernel. This doesn’t fare well with VMs running inside VirtualBox. The solution? […]

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If you’re like me, eager to test new stuff in FreeBSD, you might as well run a virtualized FreeBSD laboratory on your desktop. I use Oracle VirtualBox, but you might as well use Microsoft Hyper-V, real hardware, or some other contraption. Couple this with ZFS and boot environments, and you’re even able to rapidly revert […]

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