I have a bunch of FreeBSD VMs running in VirtualBox. They all share a number of virtual harddrives, and among them are a virtual harddrive with the common contents of /var/db/ports. My ports configuration of emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions have the OPENGL and X11 options set. This is useless on some of my simpler VMs, as those VMs […]

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oinkmaster started complaining like this the other day: Order was restored once again by adding the following line to .wgetrc in roots home directory: This is not the proper way of handling HTTPS security, but it gets the job done. Previously we used HTTP access for downloading our snort rules, and it’s only recently we […]

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Welcome to the United States of Earth. It is now a terrorist act to have a private conversation! And if saying so will get us arrested, pick me first! It will not change my participation level until my computer is forcefully taken away from me. (In Norwegian also known as “Amerikas forenklete stater,” “The Simplified […]

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