netdata was recently updated to 1.42.2 in the FreeBSD ports collection. The sample configuration file needs some adjustment.

Remember to add

run as user = netdata

to the [global] section. Otherwise, netdata will run as the user nobody, which hasn’t been given the necessary permissions.

If you want to monitor ipfw(4), you must run netdata as root

run as user = root

It might be wise to keep netdata_user in /etc/rc.conf in sync with the main configuration file.

Also, you need to add /v1 after the port number in the URL to get the old dashboard.

Here’s my FreeBSD specific customization:

	freebsd = yes

	disable by default interfaces matching =
	set physical interfaces for = ae* age* alc* ale* axp* bce* bfe* bge* bnxt* bxe* cas* cc* cxgb* cxgbe* cxl* dc* em* et* fxp* gem* iavf* ice* igb* igc* ix* ixgbe* ixl* ixlv* ixv* jme* le* lge* lio* msk* mlx5en* msk* my* nfe* nge* oce* ql* re* rl* sge* sk* ste* stge* ti* vge* mx* vr* vte* vtnet* wlan* xl* xn*

	enabled = yes

I noticed the swap metric is no longer shown at the top left of System Overview.

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