The Dell PERC H730 Adapter, a 12 Gbit/s SAS controller, in a Dell PowerEdge R330 server, complained about “L2/L3 Cache error was detected on the RAID controller.” This server was using BIOS 2.16.0 in UEFI mode and the SAS controller ran firmware version Entering X to accept the current predicament went nowhere and nothing else could be done using a keyboard alone.

The solution was:

  1. Turn off the server.
  2. Remove the lid.
  3. Remove the two Phillips screws holding the H730 Adapter in place.
  4. Disconnect the H730 Adapter from its PCIe socket.
  5. Turn on the server.
  6. Enter System Settings, by pressing F2 when indicated.
  7. Select BIOS boot firmware.
  8. Save the settings.
  9. Turn off the server.
  10. Reconnect the H730 Adapter.
  11. Replace the two Phillips screws previously removed.
  12. Replace the lid.
  13. Turn on the server.
  14. When indicated, hit X on the keyboard to accept the “L2/L3 Cache error.”
  15. Enter System Settings, by pressing F2 when indicated.
  16. Select UEFI boot firmware.
  17. Save the settings.
  18. Reboot the server.

The remaining question is why this SAS controller experienced an “L2/L3 Cache error” in the first place. A cosmic ray, perhaps?

The boot firmware got upgraded to 2.17.0 and the SAS controller to firmware version

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