I tried XCP-ng in a lab today. The lab ran XenServer 7.6 from my previous experiments. I started long ago with XS 7.2 and 5 hosts in a single pool. The upgrade to XCP-ng 7.6 went smoothly.

I noticed the installer/upgrader downloads a number of packages from the internet, about 510 packages, posing a small obstacle when the management interfaces are isolated from the internet. Remember to make the necessary changes to the network and the management interfaces long before switching to XCP-ng.

Until the XCP-ng project unveils their own DVSC appliance, we can still run the one made by Citrix. The appliance happily connects to the pool, the hosts, and the VMs and their VIFs.

The XCP-ng Center is no worse than the Citrix XenCenter. In fact, it was pleasing once again to see a graphical representation of the allocated memory for each host. I still wonder to this day why Citrix can’t let this handy feature be a part of the unlicensed feature set.

I don’t need overprovisioning of memory, I want a simple graphical element to quickly see what’s going on. It will be even better if we can also get a pool-wide aggregate view of memory and storage in XCP-ng Center, or even in XenCenter. XOA probably has these features already.

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