At work we received a Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT 2000 network analyzer this week. The report generator in the Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT Manager v1.0.9.8 contains a minor flaw. IPv6 tests performed are never marked as such in print.

I created a “Support incident”, and hopefully Fluke will acknowledge the fault, correct it, and issue a new version of their LinkRunner AT Manager.

LinkRunner AT Reports in print does not indicate IPv6 tests in the AutoTest Results section. The IPv6 column is always set to False even for IPv6 tests that were indicated as true IPv6 tests on the LCD screen and on the AutoTest Results tab.

How to repeat:

  1. Connect the LinkRunner AT 2000 to a network running IPv6 (and optionally running IPv4).
  2. Perform AutoTest with one or more IPv6 targets. (Optionally, add one or more IPv4 targets for comparison.)
  3. Save the report on the LinkRunner AT 2000.
  4. Connect the LinkRunner AT 2000 to a computer.
  5. Start the Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT Manager (v1.0.9.8).
  6. Click on the saved report. (Optionally, copy the report to a directory on the computer.)
  7. Notice the presence of the value True for the genuine IPv6 tests performed during AutoTest, in the AutoTest Results tab.
  8. Click on the Preview Report tab.
  9. Scroll down to the Autotest Results section.
  10. Notice the constant value of False in the IPv6 column, even for true IPv6 tests.

What to do:

Debug and rectify the Report Generator.