I abandoned Opera the web browser and went for Google Chrome a few years ago. At the same time I lost a good RSS reader. Last week I came across The RSS Aggregator. Yay, I can read my RSS feeds and listen to my favorite podcasts again.

I can export my feeds and settings, and import them on other systems where I use Google Chrome. The export/import dance even remembers which items I have marked as read. Be sure to select the TRA format when exporting.

The only thing I find missing from The RSS Aggregator is a “Mark all as read” button and/or keyboard shortcut. That feature is handy when you set up The RSS Aggregator for the first time or when you have been away for some time, and in either case you just want to catch up.

Boy, it was sure tiresome to use the arrow key and click on the Read button for 2000-ish podcasts, just to get settled. That’s over 4000 keyboard strokes and mouse clicks all in all.