I’m experimenting further with ports-mgmt/synth. I let synth create some packages for me and I then removed all installed packages, save the pkg package manager.

What a surprise I got when attempting to add my own metaport!

root@some-host:/var/synth/live_packages/All # pkg add mymetaport-2018020700.txz
Installing mymetaport-2018020700...
pkg: Newer FreeBSD version for package mymetaport:
- package: 1200056
- running kernel: 1200054

Failed to install the following 1 package(s): mymetaport-2018020700.txz

root@some-host:/var/synth/live_packages/All # uname -KU
1200056 1200056

Where does pkg get 1200054 from? I’m clearly running 1200056 of both kernel and world, and I ran that version when building the packages. pkg is as fresh as it can get, pkg-1.10.4.

According to PR 225104, this is the workaround:

root@some-host:/var/synth/live_packages/All # pkg -o OSVERSION=1200056 add mymetaport-2018020700.txz
Installing mymetaport-2018020700...
[lots of output omitted]


It so happens, to continue using synth for upgrading and installing new versions, /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf in your “LiveSystem” needs some surgery. Simply add this line at the top of /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf. Remember to remove it once this issue is properly resolved.

OSVERSION = 1200056;

synth will also benefit from a LiveSystem-environment file during its run-depends phase, and possibly other phases.


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