I decided to play with FreeBSD 13.3-RC1 in VirtualBox. My display is capable of 1920×1200, and we must specify this both in the VirtualBox XML file for the guest and in the guest’s /boot/loader.conf. The font specification goes in the latter file.

You better do the changes to the XML file while the guest is shut down and you preferably have closed the VIrtualBox GUI. The XML file contains a section named ExtraData. Add a new instance of the ExtraDataItem entity as shown below. There will most likely be three other instances of ExtraDataItem.

      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/MaxGuestResolution" value="1920x1200"/>

These are the changes for the guest’s /boot/loader.conf.


Reboot the guest and switch to full screen for this to take effect.

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