Sometimes new features are more annoying than useful. It gets even worse when you find no obvious way of disabling said features.

In my case, Opera’s Speed Dial (Hurtigvalg in Norwegian) is such an example. Here’s how you turn off Speed Dial in Opera.

  1. Run or switch to Opera.
  2. Open a new tab and go to: opera:config#UserPrefs|SpeedDialState.
  3. Set SpeedDialState to 3. The valid values are listed below.
  4. Scroll down until you find the Save button and click on it.
  5. Close the tab.

SpeedDialState values valid for Opera 11.10:

Available options:
0 = Folded (“Show speed dial” message)
1 = Normal view
2 = ReadOnly (as in kiosk mode with -kioskspeeddial)
3 = Disabled (as in kiosk mode)

The same values appear to be valid for Opera 11.11.