I was catching up on some usenet reading at the end of my summer holiday, and after reading comp.risks 26.48 and this posting in particular, I created the following snippet of a Makefile.

# Ref. comp.risks 26.48
# Subject: Fwd: British Spies Replace Terrorists' Online
# Bomb Instructions with Cupcake Recipe
# Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2011 10:37:13 -0400

        @echo not war

To the uninitiated an explanation is probably in order. Given an Unix-like system and a file named Makefile stored in the current working directory, a file whose contents is as shown above, although not necessarily the sole contents of said file. When the command “make cupcakes” is issued, the output yielded on the standard output device is “not war“. See below.

trond@enterprise:~>make cupcakes
not war