NBAR2 on Sup8E can assist in blocking BitTorrent. While somewhat useful, BitTorrent is mostly used for downloading pirated movies, and BitTorrent off someone’s ADSL line is usually dead slow.

Create a class map and a policy map as shown below, and attach that policy map to your ingress interfaces, and BitTorrent should be blocked.

class-map match-all QoS-Cls-BitTorrent
 match application bittorrent

policy-map QoS-Pol-BitTorrent
 class QoS-Cls-BitTorrent

interface range TenGigabitEthernet1/1 - 4
 service-policy input QoS-Pol-BitTorrent

The final questions are: Does this work at all? Is FNF needed for engaging NBAR2? Are additional licensing needed beyond the current IP Base license?

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