I had a FreeBSD setup I wanted to replicate to another, identical computer. The source system runs ZFS and so should the receiving system. A recursive snapshot in combination with the zfs send and zfs receive commands proved most fruitful.

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I have (successfully) attempted to migrate a running i386 stable/9 system into a running amd64 stable/9 system, and attempted to migrate a running i386 stable/10 system into a running amd64 stable/10 system, only to see if these tasks are in fact feasible. The results speaks for themselves, given the boundary conditions outlined below. If your […]

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While pondering why darkstat all of a sudden shows corrupted timestamps when running on FreeBSD/amd64 stable/9, I wrote a small program to decode the export format. The program is available using svn co svn://svn.ximalas.info/darkstattype or http://svnweb.ximalas.info/darkstattype/. The license is the 2-clause BSD license.

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See http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-xen/2013-August/001681.html and http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-xen/2013-August/001683.html. [R]emove [the] DVD device from [the] problem[atic] virtual machine: # xe vm-list params=uuid name-label=”<your-vm-name>” # xe vbd-list empty=true params=uuid vm-uuid=<your-vm-UUID> # xe vbd-destroy uuid=<vbd-UUID> I can confirm the above steps really makes a FreeBSD stable/9 amd64 XENHVM kernel tick on XenServer 6.2.0. stable/10 and head works out of the box without […]

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Jeg børstet støvet av noen tilårskomne filer forleden dag. Jeg fant et lite program som jeg skrev en gang i 2000. Programmet teller ned til slutten av Unix-epoken. Den opprinnelige definisjonen av datatypen time_t, 32-bit heltall med fortegn, vil få overflyt i midten av januar 2038. Moderne 64-bit OS som FreeBSD/amd64 9.0 har for lengst […]

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The switch to new hardware finally happened. This is the first server to run FreeBSD/amd64 under my supervision. ZFS is used for all storage on this server. I chose to install the newly released FreeBSD/amd64 9.0-RELEASE, before upgrading to FreeBSD/amd64 9.0-STABLE by source. It’s just a matter of preference, given my 13-14 years of experience […]

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