Last year at work we acquired an Epson DiscProducer PP-100N as an aid for creating in-house CDs and DVDs. No more manual labour other than creating the ISO images and designing the layouts to be printed on the disc’s surfaces, and yes, placing the finished discs in their paper envelopes or jewel cases.

Being a network model, the PP-100N is equipped with an internal hard drive. The hard drive contains allegedly an hardened version of Linux, a web server, and a web application, otherwise known as Total Disc Net Administrator.

The PP-100N at work originally came with version 1.01 of Total Disc Net Administrator, and this web application was really a sad, sad story. Not only were we unable to delete any of the stored jobs, any attempts to republish a stored job would never go past the registered state.

No matter what web browser you tried, you would always get a message somehow complaining about JavaScript syntax errors. I was able to examine the JavaScript code, but unable to upload any desired changes.

To delete the stored jobs, I had to do manually everything the JavaScript code was supposed to do. Only by using URLs such as http://[hostname-or-IP-address]/pp-100n/ and replacing XXX with the particular job number, was I able to delete stored jobs.

As of today, the PP-100N at work runs happily with version 1.21 of Total Disc Net Administrator, and none of the aforementioned problems exists.

If you have a PP-100N in dire need of an upgrade, contact your support service and ask for “PP-100N Server System Software Update file Ver. 1.21”, dated 2010/09/29, or any newer version.