If you find the error message “EOF found in spawn pipe” in /var/log/netdata/error.log, then you should probably delete every file in the /var/cache/netdata/dbengine directory. Start Netdata. If this doesn’t help, then you have no choice but to blow away everything within /var/cache/netdata and start Netdata.

While you’re at it, you should probably trim /var/log/netdata/access.log and ensure it gets rotated by newsyslog(8). The pid file is /var/db/netdata/netdata.pid.

Here’s a sample configuration file for newsyslog(8). Note, the formatting looks awful in the web page, but not in the editor. Maybe it’s because I used tabs and not blanks.

# logfilename			[owner:group]	mode	count	size	when	flags	[/pid_file]			[sig_num]
/var/log/netdata/access.log	netdata:netdata	644	7	100	*	-	/var/db/netdata/netdata.pid
/var/log/netdata/debug.log	netdata:netdata	644	7	100	*	-	/var/db/netdata/netdata.pid
/var/log/netdata/error.log	netdata:netdata	644	7	100	*	-	/var/db/netdata/netdata.pid

I don’t bother about compressing the log files, that’s taken care of by OpenZFS on my systems.

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