FreeBSD is approaching 20 years! I guess it all depends on what you regard as FreeBSD’s true birth. The baptism, the first commit to the CVS repository, the first release, or something else?

The first commit to the CVS repository was done on “Sat Jun 12 14:49:13 1993 UTC”. That’s 20 years and 6 days ago.

On this day, 20 years ago, the name “FreeBSD” was coined by Mr. David Greenman.

Slashdot ran a story on FreeBSD’s 20th birthday, on June 22th, 2013.

On August 28th later this year, I’ll celebrate 15 years of my ever growing experience with this wonderful operating system.

FreeBSD 1.0-RELEASE didn’t appear until November 1st, 1993.

That’s not bad for a free and open source operating system.

By the way, Unix turned 44 years old on April 20th. What’s keeping this big family of operating systems alive when most of their contemporaries have simply gone away?