misc/amanda-{client,server} as of r441897 fails to create the directory /usr/local/etc/amanda and an empty file named /usr/local/etc/amanda/security.conf. The client will fail during client checks and backup runs claiming: failed: planner: [Can’t get realpath of the security file ‘/usr/local/etc/amanda/security.conf’: No such file or directory] Here’s the remedy in the short run: There is one additional issue, pkg-plist […]

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r434380 made massive changes to Qt4 and Qt5 in FreeBSD. Sadly, there are no instructions on how to upgrade an existing system. The changes to ports/head/UPDATING didn’t help at all. Here are the notes I made while upgrading my laptop running stable/11. To successfully install misc/qtchooser and upgrade the remaining Qt4 and Qt5 ports, you […]

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